Building a competitive supermoto racer requires a few high quality race parts. There are many options for wheels available, but all that look similar are not always the same. TALON ENGINEERING build wheels to the highest quality standards and their list of world championships are accredited to this fact. We have chosen Talon wheels with carbon fiber hubs, stainless spokes and excel rims with Talons own tubless rim sealing option. These wheels are extremely light, strong and help lower unsprung weight creating a faster steering and handling supermotard. Lower unsprung weight also allows the suspension to react more accurately to low and high speed forces.

Talon KX450F Supermotard Wheels Talon KX450F Carbon Fiber Hubs

Supermoto specific brake systems are necessary to create a competitive supermotard. Most systems available use a 320mm front rotor and calipers with two to six pistons depending on the master cylinder and design. We have chosen the BRAKING supermoto system that utilizes a two piston floating caliper with bracket and a BRAKING radial master cylinder. The BRAKING rotor is 320mm in diameter.

Whether you are building a supermotard for racing or the street, you will need to replace the standard offroad rotor and caliper. It is possible to use the original master cylinder. The standard rotor and caliper do not have the power to slow a supermotard from speed and will over heat very quickly. They are also not designed to be subjected to the kind of forces generated by the traction of a wide front tire on tar when braking from high speed.

Braking KX450F rotor and caliper Braking KX450F radial master cyl.
Using a quickshifter like the TRANSLOGIC SYSTEM 6 unit is the secret to making smooth full throttle gear shifts. This is a sure way to get that all important hole shot and to get out of the corners and down the straights faster. We have chosen this quickshifter because it is the best, period. The accuracy and ease of use is second to none. The contact between the rear tire and tar is never compromised when making gear shifts while leaned over, even when hard on the throttle. The life of the gearbox and clutch system are also prolonged as these mechanical parts are subjected to far less strain and abuse.
Translogic quickshifter linear sensor Translogic intellishift control unit
Fitting a supermotard front fender always makes the machine look right and allows more air through to the radiators. We have chosen POLISPORT race plastics as they look good and fit properly. Polisport also offer replacement plastics for all motocross machines in a range of colours so you can personalize your motocross or supermotard machine.
Polisport supermoto front fender Polisport replacement plastics
One of the most useful tools for evaluating your supermotards setup and your ability to ride efficiently with your setup is an accurate, reliable lap timer. There are many lap timers on the market, but as I have already said, not all are equal. Electronic instruments can have quite a hard time in the harsh world of supermoto racing, so make sure you use a good quality item. We have chosen to use the AIM MyChronLight TG automatic lap timer or XT RACING ULTRA and MINI automatic lap timers. These are high quality lap timers and the MyChronLight TG and XT RACING ULTRA lap timers have the facility to store lap data that can be downloaded and evaluated on computer. There is a fine line between laps that feel good and laps that are fast on the clock. This not only allows you to evaluate the machine, but also the circuit lines and your own style.
Aim MyChronLight TG lap timer Aim lap timer infra red pickup
Engine setup is also an area that needs to be addressed when building a competitive supermoto racer. Running a slipper is a must for any supermoto rider or racer. The benefits are greater speed with improved safety. Using a SUTER RACING SLIPPER CLUTCH is the key to improved lap-times and greater control. SUTER RACING'S anti-hopping slipper clutch leads the field of anti-hopping clutches due to their new and revolutionary mechanism. As the inner clutch basket is not moved axially by the plates under power, it is virtually frictionless in operation, unlike many other products. You will immediately notice the benefits of the SUTER slipper clutch. We have chosen this clutch because it is the best, period. The action is perfect and installation is simple. The setup from the factory is spot-on and even though the action of the clutch can be adjusted to suit your style, I have not need to change anything. Whether you are drifting into a turn from high speed or braking on the loose dirt, the action is accurate and confidence inspiring.
Suter Racing Slipper Clutch Suter Racing KX450F-07 Instillation
In supermoto, horse power is real important. Because of the fast straights and tight corners, the need for real strong acceleration with good overrev is a must. Getting that all important holeshot is also down to good technique, a strong motor and shifting aids such as the TRANSLOGIC quickshifters. Replacing the standard exhaust system with a SCAROV RACE EXHAUST is an easy way to increase the engine horse power and torque. The SCAROV supermoto exhaust system is designed for world level competition and the quality and performance is to this standard. As a distributor of SCAROV performance exhausts, it is obviously my choice. This exhaust system allows the engine to produce strong midrange and revs out further without losing low end torque. The engine response is improved and traction and drive on the dirt section is good as you can short shift the engine without loosing drive.
Scarov KX450F Taper Header Scarov KX450F Carbon/Titanium
Carburation changes will also need changing when building a supermotard especially if you are converting a motocross machine for supermoto. The addition of high performance parts and the longer straights will require richer jetting. Modifications to the carb accelerator pump will help smooth the low speed throttle response and help with slow speed stalling, especially on the tight dirt sections. We have chosen to use the AIRTIME accelerator pump cover that replaces the stock unit and has a re-calibrating effect on the operation of the pump. At R250-00, this is a cheap modification and the result are worth the time to strip and assemble the carb. Care needs to be taken to ensure the diaphragm and internal spring are correctly positioned when assembling.