Why race with less when you can use the best! Racers are quickly moving to the Ultra-Lap, the electronic "COACH IN A BOX". Ultra-Lap combines the latest technology with the motorcycle racing knowledge you need to gain competitive advantage. More features and fewer headaches make the Ultra-Lap the premier lap timing device, and your partner in performance with a full season's worth of racing right at your fingertips.

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Ultra-Lap Features

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A scaled down version of it's counterpart, the Ultra-Lap, the Mini-Lap is intended to provide the user with the basic tools needed to time your laps at the track.The Mini-Lap is housed within a single, molded plastic box and comes equipt with dual-sided infra-red pickups so that it can recieve transmitter signals from either side of the race track.It counts laps to 99, but stores 40 laps in memory. It is ideal for session by session lap timing.

Mini-Lap Features

XT Racing Factory Tour

Mini-Lap Accessories

Special Mounting Brackets