Dial-A-Jet Fuel Induction System
More Horse Power-Excellent Running Quality

Optimizes Fuel-Easy Installation

Rejet in seconds with a click of the patented 5 position jet dia

Allows you to run in a broad temperature or altitude range without rejetting

Automatically compensates for : Air Density, Motor Load, and Fuel Quality

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5 Star MXA Rating

Example Mini Quad Application

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Thunder PowerJet

More Power

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Easy Precision Jet Changes

Adjusts For Altitude and Temperature

Works on Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, ATV's and Other Vehicles

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U.F.O. (Ultimate Flow Optimizer)

The UFO is a simple, trouble free, aerodynamic piece that fits Mikuni carburetors from 30mm through 44mm. The UFO makes a normal round slide carburetor out-perform the more expensive flat slide carburetor by eliminating turbulence and increasing air flow and velocity, creating a highly atomized fuel charge. Normal gains are 3/4 to 1 HP per 100 cc of engine displacement. (Rejetting and tuning are required).

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V.I.P. (Velocity Intense Performance)
Are you still annoyed by the erratic high-idle problems so common with larger Mikuni TM flatslide carbs? If so, here is a product that does an excellent job at stabilizing the idle speed, but also improves the atomization of fuel at partial throttle settings. The V.I.P., or Velocity Intense Performance, is a combination venturi divider and venturi modifier unlike any other similar device.

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VIP Unit

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TPI Valve (Total Performance Intake)
The TPI Valve is designed to increase air flow into your air box and carburetors. Racers and tuners as well as many trail riders have known for many years that opening up the air box in order to flow more air makes more horse power. They also know that more air means that the engine will be running leaner exactly the same as installing a smaller main jet.

How It Works

TPI Valve Fitting

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Clutch Spring Glide Washer Kit
Drive Clutch springs are in constant motion, being subjected to compression, rebound, end to end radial torquing, distortion, and vibration. "Glide Washers" are custom made with a baked-on lubricity coating. By placing a washer on each end of the spring it can no longer bind on the spyder or clutch cover. This frees up the spring to do its intended job. Each kit comes with 5 washers. Two have a lubricity and rust proof coating and three are zinc plated to prevent rust.
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Easy Tune - Pilot Air Screw Adjuster
Make adjustments quick and easy by hand. Get your engine running razor sharp. No more special screwdriver needed. Fits all 38mm and 40mm Mikuni rack style carburetors.
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