COKER RACE PRODUCTS was started in 1991 by Graham and Hylton Coker with the aim of manufacturing two stroke exhaust systems for the race and road markets. One year later, the company was manufacturing four stroke exhaust systems together with their high quality two stroke systems for one of South Africa's top road race teams. Graham's interest in performance engineering and the design of race exhaust systems came from his years as a competitive motocross racer. Having 15 years of motocross experiance and then moving to the tuning environment of short circuit racing helped establish this passion. Today he is still involved with the hands on racing circuit as he competes in the growing sport of SuperMoto Racing.    

All systems are hand manufactured using the finest grade materials. COKER RACE PRODUCTS are specialist welders for materials such as steels, stainless steels, titanium and aluminum. Experience with manufacture with carbon fibre goes back as far as 1992.

Hydroforming is another technique used for manufacturing two stroke exhaust systems and at COKER RACE PRODUCTS, this technique has been perfected with many years of experience and in-house software that has been used to great affect.

COKER RACE PRODUCTS have extensive experience tuning two stroke race engines and all port work and performance engineering is carried out by Graham Coker. Having much experience with motocross and road race engines, Graham has developed his skill for porting and finishing cylinders and now works on many one-off projects and specials.

Currently Graham grinds cylinders for any two stroke application and for many other tuning shops. In 1999, graham started to grind four stroke heads and has been grinding them ever since.


Having manufactured so many two and four stroke exhausts over the years, many of them being custom systems, COKER RACE PRODUCTS realized the need to be able to supply exhaust components and formed sections to make it possible for other tuners and racers to be able to manufacture their own systems.

Now exhaust headers, cones, flanges, silencers and more can be designed and supplied in small quantities even down to one item to allow anyone to put their own system together. Graham has developed this side of the business and now supplies pipe sections all over the world.

Over the years tuning and developing race engines and exhausts has become very complex. COKER RACE PRODUCTS started using data logging and a wide band lamda system to collect data for more accurate tuning in the late 1990's.

This has really helped with the tuning of race engines and fuelling system modifications.


Graham's race experience has helped teach him many technical aspects of machine setup and also product evaluation. Currently competing in the wild sport of supermotard racing, he is still learning and getting faster. As with tuning, experience brings beter more effective results. A short stint spend overseas has helped with both race experience and technical race engineering development and manufacture.

Because of Graham's race involvement, COKER RACE PRODUCTS have over the years become South African agents for many performance products that they have much technical experience with. This passion for high quality and technology is evident in the products they supply.


are as passionate about your racing as they are about their own.